Soooo I haven’t been so great at this whole blog thing..hmmm it has been some time. And I really did have good intentions, look’s like i just let them slide for 4 months. It’s kind of hard to back track but I do actually remember where I last kicked off.

The new year began brimming with inspiration for new ideas for Beneath The Sun. This usually starts with loads of research. Looking and reading at old books I have collected (Graphis annual books especially), blogs, other artists work, textiles…even scraps of paper overlaying each other in the studio creating accidental colour combos. It’s my favourite time, preparing to make new things. 

Here are a bunch of images that I collected in my filed scrapbook that give you an idea of the things that influence Beneath The Sun’s collection.

Celia Gullett tissue collage works from 2010 at Tim Olsen Gallery

Hansje Van Halen graphic design work: end papers 

Kees Goudzwaard Oil Paintings

Ringo Atelier image

Atelier Pour Enfants blog

Ruth Asawa

Beautiful colours and patterns in Ter Et Bantine Spring Summer 2012

Boucherouite rag rugs obsession continues and they always inspire pattern and colour combos

Arthur Secunda paintings. One of my favourite techniques is working with torn paper and spray paint so this picture really appeals to me


I would like to get married in something like this Maryam Nassir Zadeh piece

Great clothes Cosmic Wonder Light Source

Mary Virginia Carmack

New favourite blog Emily Hadden

summer days

Perfect bedroom

Inventing Kindergarten

Jeff Divine surf photography

I have been inspired by old surf movies, especially the ones with my brother, Rabbit Bartholomew,  from the 70’s (photo Jeff Divine)

Josef Albers…alway my go to!

Finnish mobiles

Landfill Editions Stina Lofgren

Colourful homes



I’ve got a bit of an obsession for collecting art prints, post cards, stamps, maps from all over the place. They are always the first thing I pack when I move. Maybe you want to add one of my prints to your collection.

Here are some new photos of them in frames. If you are stuck for a gift for a guy, the Norfolk Pine and Paddleboat artwork could be a good solution. A4 giclee prints are $45 and A3 giclee prints are $70, 100% Cotton rag paper, archival inks so it won’t fade and comes carefully packaged in a clear slip with card backing. Beneath The Sun is offering FREE POSTAGE for Christmas!

Norfolk Pines and Paddleboat Art Print

Budgies Art Print

Boy In Boat Art Print

In The Fields Art Print

The Sun Shines On Art Print

Prism Forest Art Print

Mountains Art Print

Kiss The Ocean For Me Art Print

ALSO…don’t forget our potato print gift wrap for a Christmas full of love and sunshine. BIG sheets of wrapping paper for $4.50 a sheet. Get 2 for $8 and bring some colour to your day x



Is there someone you love, a friend or even your boss you would like to SAY THANK YOU, WISH THE BEST OR CELEBRATE with who you would like to send a card too!!

Beneath The Sun has just the cards to make a person feel good. I’ve hand drawn some and also did a paper cutout decoration for card prints. I’m one who likes to make the presents look colourful and the best under the tree!! Are you?


Bring a hand made feel to Christmas and wrap your gifts in either our ‘SUNSHINE’ or ‘HEARTS’ potato stamp gift wrap!! These started as potato prints I scanned in. Bring a little love and sunshine to your day

How about some cushions to brighten up a room. All hand printed and made locally, they make a feel good gift. The 'Girl In Flowers' cushion would be perfect for a girl’s room or bring some POP to your lounge room.

Need an affordable gift? What about our tea towels that will bring cheer to any kitchen! 

Need a cute sock filler? What about our handpainted, crayon and pencil artwork on our ‘Colour My Day’ Notepads


Something unique for couples

Something for the guys!! A cool art print to go on the wall or some geo cushions


Other things going on

Hosted Tan, my sister’s baby shower and had some fun decorating

These cute pictures of my nephew Finn remind me of my wheat children in my art show 'Where The Dry Leaves Fall'

Skeds walked through blue paint on my desk and looked guilty

The veggie garden has been pumping…there’s lots more since this shot. We have corn growing really high now! Look how close the cows come up to our fence, I love it when they come to visit


More Finders Keepers

Our excellent neighbours:

The TMOD girls


Nice to see old Melbourne faces Tinker by Printink and

Sunday Morning Designs

Discovered that a label I admire are from nearby. Love Mae are from a favourite place around the Tweed Valley called Stokers Siding. Nice to know fellow creative people are nearby

Shannon Garson

All About Heidi

Erin Lightfoot


Marcello Neckwear

Emma Leonard



Two weeks ago Beneath The Sun launched the label to the public at The Finders Keepers Market at the Old Museum in Brisbane. It was sunny and busy and onsite there were loads of great stalls, bands, really good food and an upbeat atmosphere.

We met so many other nice stall holders, we had great neighbours with the TMOD girls, Elkhorn, Sunday Morning Designs, All About Heidi, Tinker by Printink. It was a good time.


We have lots of new friends now who we can keep up to date with new products and specials. Email us to subscribe!

Here are some pictures of our stall and some of the others we met

Some pottery



Being an avid reader of Frankie magazine I couldn’t have felt more chuffed to be included in the pages of the latest issue. Beneath The Sun’s ‘Girl In Flowers’ tea towel is in there and the girls have written lovely things about it. It’s a fantastic issue too! Even Skeds my cat is a fan.

Also, Finders Keepers did a little interview with me for the upcoming market this weekend SAT NOV 5TH AND SUNDAY NOV 6TH. Go over and see what exciting things they’ve got planned if you are looking for an awesome weekend adventure. Big thank you for choosing to tell more about what to expect from Beneath The Sun’s launch

Go to the interview here

Look at the pretty invite they have this year!



Here is a sneak peek of some of the pottery I’ve been working on. This is before the kiln and painted up with underglaze. They are now out of the kiln and some have made the cut, some not. I have to hold onto my first pieces of pottery no matter what though…lots of people tell you that. So even with all the lumps and bumps, the unexpected colour changes and cracks in the clay, these are the ones I will supposedly fondly look back on. 



I have been absolutely flat out working on Beneath The Sun products for THE FINDERS KEEPERS MARKET in Brisbane this weekend!! I’m so excited about it! If anybody is in Brisbane on Saturday or Sunday please come and say hi! It’s a great chance to see all the range and get a proper look at Beneath The Sun. So many new things to see. 

Boxes of brightly coloured wrapping paper arrived this week!! Do you know how long it has been since I’ve wanted to do my own wrapping paper? ..since about 13. It was an exciting moment to hold it in my hands and see sheets and sheets piled on each other. I hope you like it too. Beneath The Sun wrapping paper will be in the shop sooon!

In all the makings, it’s been important to remember to take breaks to stay rejuvenated. Around here, it’s quite easy to get some sea or mountain air in your lungs. 

I’ve been loving the geometric shapes in the barnacles on the rocks. Definitely want to incorporate some into pottery.

Walking around the hills and looking at some of the classic houses and flats of the Gold Coast.

You might recognise this on a Beneath The Sun gift card and art print. It’s a scene with a tug boat and pine trees in Brunswick Heads. We had a stop off here on the way back from picking up lots of nice things from my awesome printer in Byron Bay. Nice end to a good day.

Crazy light off the balcony

More cute Coolangatta houses

Burrowing in amazing local antiques



Some nice things seen lately. Well, not just nice…some of the best things found locally.


The rug comes from seriously, THE best rug shop ever seen, named Milton Cater in Bangalow, it’s been there since 1974. Milton has been collecting them ever since travelling through Europe in the 70’s lead him to the baazars of Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan. The website really doesn’t do what’s inside the shop, any justice. There are endless piles of coloured, perfectly patterned rugs. They have rare berber rugs I’ve never seen anywhere else in Australia. You ask to look through a pile and it’s layer after layer of absolutely incredible rugs. This was a favourite.


The lighthouse is a favourite spot for walking and clearing the head. I saw a whale breach the highest I’ve ever seen just the other day when saying goodbye to a friend visiting from Melbourne. There’s lots of things to collect on the path to the beach and some cute pastel 50’s beach houses, similar ones which covered the Gold Coast back in the day.


Photos from an antique shop called Museum of the Sea. Once again, like the rug shop it is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It specialises in maritime antiques and a lot is on show or for hire in movies. Props were used in Muriel’s Wedding. It’s room after room of informative, interesting and special things. It’s called Chinderah Bay Antiques & Museum of the Sea.

Other nice things around the place




Beneath The Sun has taken quite some time to come about. After years of studying and working in design, it has been a journey to find the perfect place and time to make it happen.

When I was studying screen printing in Melbourne I came home to the Gold Coast on a holiday. On a shopping trip with my Mum I found a Mambo skirt with a textile print almost identical to what I had done in class. After some research I told Mum it was Beci Orpin who had done the design and I needed to know her.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with her for the past 6 years in her Melbourne studio. I could not have asked for a better mentor for my first full time Graphics job. She is kind hearted, extremely clever with endless energy and creative ideas. I know I will work with beci in some way or another for the rest of our creative paths. I wish I kept a photographic blog of what occurred in the studio, there are bits and pieces recorded but nothing that can show the whole experience. While these were some of the best years, my heart was longing to return to where I had grown up and be closer to the things that Beneath The Sun largely stem from.

The time came, the perfect house in the hills was found and I set up my own home based studio where I can now announce the first line of products in the range. Here are a few pics… to see more go and have a peek through the lookbook.



Hello and welcome to Warm Beneath The Sun! This is the blog of new homewares and stationery label Beneath The Sun, hailing from the Tweed Valley in Northern NSW. This blog gives updates on what’s happening in the going on’s of Beneath The Sun and the activities, interests and makings of… me, Leah Bartholomew. I want to show you the things that make my heart tick faster and some of where the bright sunniness of the brand come from.

I’m feeling so happy to be part of a community of like minded people who have been exploding my mind with their talent and genius for so many years looking and reading their blogs. The time finally came that I had to start my own.

I see this as another sketch book and seeing as nostalgia is a big part of Beneath The Sun, it makes sense to document and build a history. I’m looking forward to sharing the special moments, the makings, the breakings and the all round good stuff of what’s happening out there.